Master CSS
Manu : Including Master-css

Including Master-css

Master-css is a css based front-end framework, that you need to include or link style and script librery of master-css

First of all, you need to download master-css framework

Your downloaded file are on Zip formate, you need to extrect a file in your project location

After extrect a file, include a mater-css.css,master-css.js,jquery.js and other fonts using google CDN file

File structure

              |   |
              |   |__master-css.css
              |   |__master-css.min.css
              |     |
              |     |
              |     |__master-css.js
              |     |__master-css.min.js

How to include master css ?

After successfully including, your main window screen set 0px padding and margin